Software Engineer
4/22 - Present

Built several features to improve the brand referral experience at Faire

Leading our migration to React Hooks


Zed Labs

Software Engineer
2/22 - Present

Migrated from Firebase to an Apollo server to support typed GraphQL requests for authentication and wallet transactions.

Configured CICD using GitHub Actions and Docker to build and deploy our server to a staging environment.

Implemented point of sale transaction and employee management features for merchants to manage e-money payments.



Frontend Engineer Co-op
1/21 - 4/21

Built amazing experiences using React like carousels and banners for Faire Winter Market, a search component for editing preorders, and prompts for fixing cart issues.

Restructured an internal NodeJS server into a monorepo using yarn workspaces to add a frontend for triggering actions manually.

Configured end to end tests to also run on mobile web using Cypress to increase test coverage.



Founder, Software Engineer
11/20 - 10/21

Architected, designed, and implemented an ewallet platform for Trinidad and Tobago.

Crafted a modern, mobile wallet user experience in Figma and implemented it in React Native.

Engineered a GraphQL microservice backend using Apollo Federation that handles authentication and processes peer-to-peer and VISA transactions.

Configured container orchestration using Kubernetes to integrate with GitHub actions to manage the CICD pipeline.


Sell Your Stuff

Software Engineer
8/20 - 1/21

Implemented an order management experience using React and Apollo for sellers on the platform.

Introduced product and engineering design docs to streamline communication between team members.



Software Engineer Co-Op
4/20 - 8/20

Implemented performant UI components using memoization to provide a snappy website editor experience.

Reduced dev server build time from ~30s to ~10s by implementing hot module reloading with custom webpack config.



Software Engineer Co-Op
9/19 - 12/19

Implemented new pages in TurboTax using object-oriented Java with 100% diff coverage on unit tests.

Reduced TurboTax build time by 45% by parallelizing Typescript compilation with Gulp, saving teammates 40 hours/year.

Automated large manual tasks like regression test script conversion using Replay and VM deployment using PowerShell.


Manulife Financial

Full Stack Engineer Co-Op
1/19 - 4/19

Implemented API endpoints for a .NET Core web app to receive users’ insurance data and trigger financial calculations.

Developed adaptive React components featuring state persistence with Redux, to hook into back-end calculation services.


Teleios Systems

Software Developer Intern
5/18 - 8/18

Developed a Bank Teller bot using Microsoft Bot Framework that featured handoff to humans and Microsoft’s NLU service.

Automated VM creation from snapshots to recover from possible downtime.



Designed and implemented fiat on / off ramp platform for the Caribbean.

Tested and deployed an ERC20 token preset from OpenZeppelin to the Polygon Mumbai test network using Hardhat.

Crafted a modern exchange experience that mints and burns tokens with React, Ethers and NextJS.


Built a Dapp that allows users to mint their favourite colors on the blockchain as NFTs.

Tested and deployed an ERC721 token preset from OpenZeppelin to the Polygon Mumbai test network using Hardhat.

Designed a simple experience that mints colors with React, Ethers and NextJS.


Song Stats

Built a web app that uses Spotify APIs to show insightful summaries about songs and artists.

Implemented queries using TypeORM and MySql that fetch missing fragments of data from Spotify when necessary.



Built a note app for software engineers using Kotlin that stores notes in a PostgreSQL database.

Supports markdown, syntax highlighting, search and sharing.


Life Logs

Developed an Android app that uses NLP to generate meaningful summaries about your life after you tell it about your day.

Created a NodeJS server to handle authentication and data backups.

Designed a simple but impactful user experience on Figma.



Designed a mobile app for the Women Initiated Progress (WIP) Hackathon 2021 that allows users to monitor the location of their close friends and family members.


Another Note App

Created a note app using React Concurrent Mode and Relay to experiment with the new frontend paradigm.

Developed a NodeJS server that used GraphQL subscriptions to update the client when notes were edited.


Collaborated on the website for the Association of Caribbean Students (ACS) at the University of Waterloo.

Added a voting feature that included compression of video submissions and uploads to AWS.



Wrote a cron job that automates WhatsApp messages to friends to keep in touch during the pandemic.



Developed and launched an expense tracker app that accumulated over 700 users on both iOS and Android.

Engineered a service using Azure functions that cached exchange rates, to reduce the number of calls to an external API.


Socket Chat

Created a chat web app using NodeJS, Express, and Socket.io to learn more about web sockets.

Built using NextJS and hosted on Vercel.