Senior Frontend Engineer

Feb, 2024 - now

I'm currently the lead frontend engineer on the order placement team where I steer the implementation of cart and checkout features.

I also lead many speed initiatives to decrease page latency and share my learnings and implementation strategies with the team.

Frontend Engineer

Apr, 2022 - Feb, 2024

When I returned to Faire full-time, I hit the ground running on the brand acquisition team where I helped build our referral feature and dynamic landing pages.

I also led the effort to migrate to React hooks and drove the adoption of NextJS to unlock performance wins and improve our codebase's maintainability.

Frontend Engineer Intern

Jan, 2021 - Apr, 2021

As an intern, I worked on the retailer apparel team and helped build features for our Winter market. I also worked on some of our internal tools to add UI for triggering Jira reminders & actions manually.